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About Us

moments that bring friends together

Sweet Birch ArtS is an organization designed to foster arts experiences in numerous and unique settings. Offering performance opportunities for beginners to professionals is central to its mission, along with arts experiences from a wide variety of genres.

The upcoming Cuban Festival is at the heart of Sweet Birch Arts-making connections, making lasting memories. Join us at the ArtisTree in Pomfret, Vermont for a special day (July 14, 2018).

Frequently, the activities of SBA will be in collaboration with the Frost School of Music, one of the most innovative schools of music anywhere. Talented staff, faculty and students make the school a place of vibrant learning, creative endeavors and unforgettable outcomes. 

The Frost School of Music of the University of Miami teaches and nurtures the next generation of musicians in classical instrument, opera, jazz, pop, folk and numerous other music genres. It's one of America's finest schools of music and excited to find its way so far north in beautiful Vermont. 


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